Saturday, March 20, 2010

Studio Sunday

Hello Sassy Sistahs! Today I have a tutorial on how to create a notepad cover. The great thing about this project is that it is not very difficult and it makes a great last minute gift! Ok, let's get started!

Materials: Hole punch, patterned paper, colored Sassy Image, double-sided tape, notepad, ribbon, scoring tool, cardstock.

Step 1: cut cardstock to 5"X11" and measure and score 7 1/4", 8", and 8 1/2" from the bottom so that your cardstock looks like this.

Hint: If you do not have a score-pal or other scoring tool, you can use the groove of your paper cutter and a stylus to create the same effect!

Step 2: Decorate the front of the cardstock just as you would a card and adhere your sassy image to the front. Then cute a 1/2" X 4 3/4" strip of patterned paper.

Step 3: adhere the strip of paper to the top of the cardstock front and punch two holes in the top.

Step 4: Thread ribbon through the two holes and tie a bow.

Step 5: flip cardstock over and place double-sided tape on top portion of the cover. Be sure to place tape over the ribbon as well so it will lay down smoothly.

Step 6: Line cover up with notepad and adhere top of front cover.

Step 7: Fold cover over and adhere to the back of the notpad.

Voila! One easy-peazy notepad cover! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions at all about any of the steps or materials used, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for stopping by!

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