Sunday, February 14, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Ok, so I'm just barely squeezing this in under the wire, but there are still a few hours left of Valentine's Day and I wanted to share this cute little card with you. Today, in church, I learned an interesting lesson about the history of Valentine's Day. St. Valentine was alive in approx. the 260's and became a martyr. The king at that time did not want people to fall in love and get married because he wanted everyone to only love him. But Valentine did not agree with this and illegally married people who were in love. When the king found out, Valentine was executed. One important thing to remember is that we now have a holiday to remember Valentine and what he stood for, I don't even know who the king was. Just a little trivia for you. The teacher in me loves this kind of stuff! Happy Valentine's Day!

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